March 30.

Squad!!!! Here we go! Hopefully you enjoy this method of getting your class information! We will try this out and see how you enjoy it and I will make adjustments as necessary! Please send feedback as this is a living project!

A little “housekeeping” your penpal letters are due this Friday April 3rd. I hope you enjoy reflecting on Food memories and that your penpal will enjoy responding. I think we could all use someone to talk to right now so hopefully you are enjoying it despite the generational gaps.

This week we are beginning our virtual cooking demos- yes y’all Mrs. Harper got a YouTube! Not a TikTok or SnipSnap (; but I know you’re all proud!

Each video will be accompanied by a recipe guide and your assignment on the bottom! You must respond to the bottom questions in an email to me by Sunday night- April 2nd.

Let‘s see how this goes!

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